Previous sites of the week for P Dybvig's Fall 2000 Investments Mini

Have a look at the market-making game Head Trader at the NASDAQ site. In general the game is good, although the scoring is strange. Real traders and their bosses are upset about losing money, even if they lose less than their competitors! Also, be warned that the Pop Quiz is half important information and half NASDAQ promotional information.

The site has a lot of analytic tools and data for portfolio optimization. The analysis is based on traditional single-period mean-variance analysis like we are studying in the first part of the course. I will give you a promotion code in class you can enter when you register to ensure full access to the site.

Bill Sharpe, Nobel Laureate and Emeritis Professor at Stanford, has an advanced Investments Text on-line. This text goes through the general version of the mean-variance optimization we are doing in examples in class this week. The text includes an accessible introduction to the necessary matrix algebra.

Bill Sharpe's homepage also has some other cool things, including worksheets and Matlab programs for performing financial calculations.