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Site of the week! The Numa Financial Systems has links to exchanges, journals, a glossary, book sources, calculators, and much more. Thanks to Dong Chuhl for the suggestion.

Site of the week! Do you think you will suffer financially if your favorite presidential candidate loses? Hedge your position on the Iowa Electronic Markets, where you can find digital options on various presidential outcomes.

Site of the week! Cam Harvey's web site has a large number of useful and interesting things, including a 8,000-word hypertext financial glossary and various finance-related java programs backed up by actual data. Enjoy this financial playground!

Site of the week!

The CME Group is the huge options and futures market formed by the merger of the the Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) and the Chicago Merchantile Exchange (CME). Visit the site for detailed information about the CME's products, contract details, data, institutional developments, and more!