Computation Finance
Lecture -1: Course Perspectives

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Philip H. Dybvig
Washington University
Saint Louis, Missouri

Copyright © Philip H. Dybvig 1995

What the Course Is

Hands On


Tools Oriented

Focus on Useful Valuation and Hedging

Mostly Option Pricing and Related Tools

What the Course Isn't

Plug and Play


Big Think

Big Picture

Valuation and Hedging Concepts

  1. NPV and WACC: not for critical applications
  2. Option pricing models
    American options
    1. optimal exercise (e.g. American put)
    2. behavioral exercise (e.g. mortgages)
  3. European options
  4. Path-dependent options
  5. Real options
    1. Waiting to invest/disinvest
    2. Hysteresis